Changing Circumstances Consultancy helps you manage change, within your organisation or your personal life.

We know transition can be a challenge but we’re here to guide you, one calm step at a time, from one circumstance to another.

Welcome to Changing Circumstances

Changing Circumstances

Organisational change can have a long term impact on how people feel and how they work. How change is managed within your organisation has lasting results.

Equally, a personal change in an individual’s circumstances can impact how work is performed and how the workplace is viewed. Lack of focus because of external pressures leads to mistakes, poor decision making and mismanagment.

At changing circumstances we focus on the triggers that affect individuals at work. We use the right frameworks, methodologies as well as a toolkit brimming with practical ideas for individuals and the business to realign to change while results are maintained.

What can we do to help?

We help business and individuals adjust to change, while keeping the wheels turning and maintaining results. Change is a journey between a current and future environment. We provide a map, complete with a starting point, signposts and advice along the way, so you can arrive safely at your new destination.

What’s the process?

We start at the beginning, by looking at the triggers that affect individuals at work. We use frameworks, methodologies and a dynamic toolkit brimming with practical ideas.

It’s simple our services support our clients.

  1. 1.Offering Work Life Programs that streamline individual work productivity, creating a better work life balance.

  2. 2.Providing Change Management advice that helps your organisation and the people in it realign with change.

We offer

  1. -An assessment of the current environment

  2. -Help to create a clear vision for future change impact

  3. -Identification of your organisation’s appetite for change

  4. -Support in implementing that change

  5. -Evaluation of the change post implementation

Online Education and Learning

Easy access to online knowledge puts you in the driving seat of change. Click ‘Changing Circumstances Learning Centre’ to learn more.

Creating Flexible Work

Watch our video to learn more about the newest Changing Circumstance program that could help your workplace create a more sustainable workforce with greater work flexibility, work life balance and enhanced workplace harmony.

Contact us about our services

Our services can be grouped into the following four categories. Need more information select the link you are interested in.

  1. -Change Management Consulting

  2. -Online Education and Learning Programs

  3. -Facilitated Workshops

  4. -Coaching

Changing Circumstances Learning Centre

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